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Bookend Radio Stories

Compilation interview videos of all those great stories from our years on the air.  How we got into the business and what we love about the people, music and characters of radio!

Want to do one of your own,?


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Bill Wolfenbarger - The Early Years
From a single low power AM to a full cluster of stations in Aberdeen, on the Washington Coast "Boss Bill" has come a long way from his days of urinating out the window. 
Bob Hogan - Early Years
Bob tells an entertaining story of his childhood with 9 other kids and his rise in radio from a small market in Illinois to Houston and Seattle.  
Keith Shipman - The Early Radio Years
Watch as Keith tells the story of his early radio and TV career with a passion that exists to this day as ED of Washington State Broadcasters Association. 
Andy McClure - Automation to broker
Early in his career Andy sold automation systems to more than 1,000 radio stations. His knowledge of these stations led him to a remarkable career as a broker with the William Exline Co. focused on smaller markets.  
Gary "Wooly" Waldron -  Noted programming power behind the famous KCPX Salt Lake City in the 60s/70s, Wooly tells how he got his name and how exciting the early days of rock radio were for him.  

Part Two - More of Gary "Wooly" Waldron's stories of radio back when turntables, carts and smoking in the studio were all standard. 

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