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Magic call letters.  Magic radio.  For decades nothing touched WLS for great radio, great contests, great talent and the greatest radio signal in America.  WLS...the BIG 89 was 50,000 watts and basically covered most of the country - certainly at night.  This composite is from a reunion and is pretty entertaining! 

WLS Rewind Pt 1.mp3Various Big 89 Jocks
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"Just ahead of much more music..."

The BIg 95.jpg

WIFC was one of the first FM stations to go Top 40 back in the late 60s.  And because Top 40 was pretty mass appeal back then, the Big 95 rocketed to number one and stayed there for decades. The market is Wausau - about 100,000 folks in central Wisconsin.  

Now the oldest top 40 station in the country....WIFC is owned by Duke Wright and still kick butt in Central Wisconsin... 

WIFC - Wausau - 1970Jackson Dell Weaver
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Grand Ave Studio Crop.jpg
Clean KJR Logo No Bkgrd.png

"Ladies and Gentlemen - the magnificent KJR!"  Or so Pat O'Day would introduce the legendary Channel 95.  And for decades KJR owned the Seattle airwaves.  By 1987 when this check was made the station was in miserable shape as FM was ascending.  Still a good sounding station just long past it's peak as the market moved on.


But the station pivoted as one of the first sports stations in America. Still a legend.   

KJR 1987 Composite
Pat ODay 1987 Comped.jpg
Cast Concrete Block letters_edited.jpg

Had the pleasure of working  with these guys in the 70s at Salt Lake City's KCPX.  AM band radio owned the market back then and KCPX dominated for years.  Take a listen to quick sample of the jox on the BIg 13!

KCPX 1974 Composite.mp3
KCPX Crew.jpg
Gary Waldron* Lynn Lehman *Skinny Johnny Mitchell
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