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Co-hosted by two broadcast and media vets Jackson Weaver and Keith Samuels. Each week they hold a conversation about what's going on in media.  They aren't outrageous...but they do feel free to offer opinions - even self serving ones.  They try to keep the show under 20 minutes and sometimes that works.  

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Keith Samuels

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     Media Insultant Video
     Keith + Jackson
      Week of 4.12.2021

Jackson Weaver and Keith Samuels with their weekly take on the media – TV, radio, digital (whatever that means) and even print.  This week…

  • We brag a little…

  • More newspaper woes…

  • What Google & Facebook leave behind in local media revenue now gets sucked up by Amazon.

  • And why are these guys toast?

For the week of April 12th – this is Media Insultant.  New episodes each Tuesday on You Tube and all podcasting platforms (Apple, Google, TuneIn, etc.)  Comments  anytime at



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