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It is a new day for radio. We need to reimagine how we do everything.  With New Day Sales Management we offer ala carte senior sales management of your sales team for a fraction of cost of a full time sales manager. 

In this current local media market, recruiting, holding and retaining an experienced sales manager is difficult, particularly in small/medium markets. We can help! 

Our team of Senior Sales Managers will provide the service for a fraction of the payroll and expenses of a full time manager.

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New Day Sales Management provides:

One-on-one Sales Target Account Meetings*

  • Open rate                   $300 per hour

  • Intro rate                    $150 per hour

  • IBA rate                       $120 per hour 

Weekly Sales Meeting** ​

  • Open rate                   $1,595 per month

  • Intro rate                       $795 per month

  • IBA Rate                        $640 per month

Open Sales Consultation***

  • Open rate                      $350 per month

  • Intro rate                       $175 per month

  • IBA Rate                         $140 per month

All rates are ala carte - ask about specific packages


​*One-on-one Sales Target Account meeting - for the AE that needs an in depth weekly review of targeted accounts.  Should be in conjunction with your existing CRM database.  

**Weekly Sales Meetings - included are training sessions, new ideas, promotions, and open table discussion of local clients.  Should be 45-60 minutes per week.

***Open Sales Consultation - anytime during the business week that your sales people need help they can call.  Questions about ideas, problem solving, conflicts, etc. are all welcome. 

All products are remote with Zoom platform.