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Media SALES 


It is a new day for radio. We need to reimagine how we do everything.  With New Day Sales Management we offer ala carte senior sales management of your sales team for a fraction of cost of a full time sales manager. 

In this current local media market, recruiting, holding and retaining an experienced sales manager is difficult, particularly in small/medium markets. We can help! 

Our team of Senior Sales Managers will provide the service for a fraction of the payroll and expenses of a full time manager.

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New Day Sales Management provides:

One-on-one Sales Target Account Meetings*

  • Open rate                   $300 per hour

  • IBA rate                       $210 per hour 

Weekly Sales Meeting** ​

  • Open rate                   $1,595 per month

  • IBA Rate                      $1,275 per month

Open Sales Consultation***

  • Open rate                      $350 per month

  • IBA Rate                         $280per month


Interim on-site Management - IBA Rates

  • One day per week         $2,000/day

  • Three Days Per Week   $1,600/day

  • Four Days Per Week      $1,250/day

All rates are ala carte plus expenses


​*One-on-one Sales Target Account meeting - for the AE that needs an in depth weekly review of targeted accounts.  Should be in conjunction with your existing CRM database.  

**Weekly Sales Meetings - included are training sessions, new ideas, promotions, and open table discussion of local clients.  Should be 45-60 minutes per week.

***Open Sales Consultation - anytime during the business week that your sales people need help they can call.  Questions about ideas, problem solving, conflicts, etc. are all welcome. 

All products except on-site are remote with Zoom platform. 

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