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Media Insultant - Week of 5.10.21
Media Insultant Video
Keith + Jackson
       Week of 5.10.2021

Jackson Weaver and Keith Samuels with their weekly take on the media – TV, radio, digital (whatever that means) and even print.  This week…

  • The quarterlies are in – is radio scrapping the bottom of the curve?

  • Apollo buys Yahoo and AOL.  Deal or dud of the decade?

  • Ed Stolz won’t go away…

  • Larry Wilson’s battle with Alpha continues…

  • Why is there a battle over the Tribune company…?

  • …and Delilah buys some nostalgia…

For the week of May 10th   – this is Media Insulant.

New episodes each Tuesday on You Tube and all podcasting platforms (Apple, Google, TuneIn, etc.)  Comments  anytime at jackson@intownmedia.com